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Spirit Information
Name (Romaji) Adamantine
Race Spirit
Contractor Areishia Spirit Academy Student (Senior)
First Appearance
Novel Volume 01
Anime Episode 04

Adamantine is a contracted spirit that was used in a fight with Claire Rouge.


It has the appearance of a giant ore. When its elementalist gained a Cursed Armament Seal, it "evolved" into a high ranking spirit in the form of a deer.

In the anime, it has a humanoid shape.


It has not shown much personality.



Areishia Academy ArcEdit

The Sword, The Academy and The Hell Cat GirlEdit

It first appeared used by its elementalist to fight against Claire in the contract ceremony until it was possessed by Gespenst.

Pledge of the WindEdit

It was used by its elementalist when her team faced Team Scarlet. It was used against Claire but was defeated by Kamito when he cut it with Terminus Est in her elemental waffe form. Later after the match, its elementalist attempted to summon it after being provoked but was stopped when Rinslet was faster in equipping her elemental waffe.

On the Valentia Holy Festival its elementalist gained a Cursed Armament Seal but was unable to control it. The spirit went wild and attacked Claire. It eventually made it to the Academy Town where it was ultimately defeated by Velsaria Eva Fahrengart's Dreadnought.


  • Fire Resistance: It is highly resistant to fire.


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