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Spirit Information
Name (Kanji) バハマート
Name (Romaji) Bahamut
Gender Female
Race Spirit
Affiliation Dracunia
First Appearance
Novel Volume 15, Chapter 04

Bahamut is a legendary-class dragon spirit. It was the Dragon King of Dracunia and was a trusted subordinate of the Darkness Elemental Lord, Ren Ashdoll.

Appearance Edit

She is described as a beautiful maiden entangled by countless writhing tree branches. Crimson eyes that possesses seductive charm. Long, faintly phosphorescent hair with a color of lapis lazuli. A skin whiter than pearl. And slender arms and legs as delicate as a doll's. A maiden with otherworldly beauty with two beautiful horns on each sides of her head.

Personality Edit

Background Edit

The powerful dragon spirit Bahamut had fought as Ren Ashdoll's trusted subordinate against the armies of the Five Great Elemental Lords.

Bahamut has a contemptible curse cast by the Earth Elemental Lord. Because of that, she can neither leave the castle of Dracunia nor return to «Astral Zero».

Chronology Edit

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