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Demon King Solomon
Character Profile
Name (Romaji) Solomon
Personal Information
Gender Male
Race Human
Contracted spirit(s) 72 spirits
First Appearance
Novel Volume 01 (mentioned)

Demon King Solomon was one of the few male elementalists in history. He was capable of commanding seventy-two powerful spirits and thus brought chaos and destruction to the continent.

Areishia Idriss with her spirit sword, Terminus Est, killed him and that act earned Est the name «Demon Slayer».

Appearance Edit

He was frequently clad in that blood-red overcoat.

Personality Edit

Demon King Solomon's aggressive conquest of the continent was not because he was controlled by the will of Ren Ashdoll. He was doing it according to his own will. He trusted and formed a spirit contract with only one spirit, and did not want any interaction with any other spirits. Starting the Demon King War was his own idea. The Demon King never bared his thoughts and feelings to spirits.

Known Spirits in his possessionEdit

Demon King Solomon only contracted one spirit. He treated the other 72 spirits as powerful tools instead of a contract spirit. He simply used Ren Ashdoll's power to dominate them, that's all.

Abilities Edit

Demon King Powers Edit

  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Divine Empowerment
  • Miasma manipulation
  • Demon King Burial Chamber


  • Kazehaya Kamito seems to be the successor of the «Demon King» because he is the second known male elementalist in history.
  • He is based on King Solomon, and his legends for controlling demons.
  • According to legend, «Scorpia», the demon scorpion palace in Alphas Theocracy, used to be his residence.
  • Apparently there is a «Burial Chamber» that is connected to him. It is a treasure vault bestowed to eligible Demon Kings, located in a special dimension where the Demon King's weapons and the seventy-two spirits under his command were sealed, and only manifests in the world upon the Demon King's awakening to give the eligible Demon King the power to rule the world.
  • Legends speak of the seventy-two spirits under his command, but in reality, he did not enter into spirit contracts with them. He simply used Ren Ashdoll's power to dominate them, that's all.
  • He uses the 72 spirits in a similar to how Jio Inzagi had used a Bloodstone to control spirits. Of course, the Demon King's case was on a completely different scale.