The Elstein Duke family are grand nobles who had served the royal family for generations ever since the founding of the Ordesia Empire.


They were nobles who had in their possession a Sealed Library which held rare books covetous to elementalists. Their family spirit, whose true name was lost to them for ages, is known as Scarlet.

Four years ago, Rubia Elstein, the Queen serving under the fire Elemental Lord, snatched the strongest flame spirit «Laevateinn» and disappeared. She brought a calamity to the Ordesia Empire. Outraged, the fire Elemental Lord burned everything related to Elstein duke's territory. After that incident, Elstein duke family's territory have been seized and the duke and his wife imprisoned in the Balsas prison.

AN4 001

Elstein duke family's territory being burnt

Main FamilyEdit

  • Duke Wolfram Elstein - The head of the house. He was a great man who had the presence of a high noble.
  • Claire and Rubia's mother - She worked in the imperial court.


The two daughters


  • The Elstein family crest in the Manga
  • The Elstein family crest in the Anime


  • In Light Novel Volume 8
    • Kamito is told of Claire and Rinslet's first meeting.

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