Iseria Seaward
Spirit Information
Name (Kanji) イセリア・シーワード
Name (Romaji) Iseria Seaward
Gender Female
Race Spirit
Contractor Rinslet Laurenfrost
First Appearance
Novel Volume 10

Iseria Seaward is the Water Elemental Lord.

Appearance Edit

Her appearance is that of a young girl with hair the color of shimmering water. Her bangs are cut to uniform length, and her eyes resemble the surfaces of lakes.


Three years ago, when Kazehaya Kamito under the guise of Ren Ashbell won the «Blade Dance», he was offered the chance to have a «Wish» granted by the Elemental Lords. However, following Restia's wish, he turned his blade against them after voicing the wish to have the Elemental Lords killed. Kamito tried to aim towards the Holy Elemental Lord first, but his throne not being there, he switched targets and attacked the one near it, that of Iseria's. With Kamito's attack, she became free from the Otherworldly Darkness that was corrupting the Lords, and her spirit was thrown in the underground maze of Megidoa.

During those three years she was trapped in the underground maze, she have learned the structure of the maze and deciphered the history contained on the maze's walls.


Cross Fire Arc Edit

She meets with Rinslet Laurenfrost during the final part of the «Blade Dance», asking for the pancakes that she had prepared to eat. After getting acquainted with each other, Iseria guided Rinslet to the exit of the maze as thanks for the pancakes. Then she told her her name, since she considered Rinslet to be her first human friend.

Abilities Edit

Trivia Edit

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