Contracted Spirits Edit

Restia Edit

Restia met Kamito in the "School of Instruction". An institution ↵created in order to bring back the successor of the demon king. She was one of the spirits in possession of these people, who gave her the task of teaching kamito fighting techniques, so she became her mentor and taught her techniques to overcome ↵espiritus. Shortly afterwards, The directors of the School of ↵instruction sealed Restia in the "Ring of Sulaiman", to teach him the feelings he had lost. When the School of Instruction↵ was destroyed Kamito took advantage of the riot to steal the ring where ↵Restia was sealed and escaped. A while later she was released by Greyworth Ciel Mais, and accompanied Kamito during the previous "Blade Dance

Terminus Est Edit

Team Scarlet Edit

Claire Rouge Edit

Rinslet Laurenfrost Edit

Ellis Fahrengart Edit

Fianna Ray Ordesia Edit

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