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Leonora Lancaster

Leonora Lancaster

Character Profile
Name (Kanji) レオノーラ・ランカスター
Name (Romaji) Leonora Lancaster
Personal Information
Epithet Dragon Princess
Age 16
Gender Female
Race Human
Contracted spirit(s) Nidhogg
First Appearance
Novel Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Light Novel Volume 04

Leonora Lancaster is the Dragon princess of the Dracunia Empire and Leader of the Knights of the Dragon Emperor team. She is sometimes effected by the «Dragon Blood» in her body, which makes her act on impulses and unable to think straight.


Leanora has thick bright shoulder-length black hair, and is described by Kamito as an icy beauty. Her eyes are normally black however, when afflicted with the dragon's blood, they become burnt with a smoky red glaze. She also wears glasses to read as she has poor eye-sight. She uses spirit magic during the blade dance to strengthen her vision.


Leonora generally has a calm, careful and analytical temperament. She is a hard worker, and is not a person that will underestimate her opponent. She is usually straightforward.

Her true nature is described by Kamito as noble-minded and elegant, fully of chivalry—and above all, loyal to her combat instincts.

Normally, when it comes to men, she's probably even more innocent than even Clair and the other Princess Maidens, outright fainting when Kamito, due to another falling incident, groped her.

When influenced by her "Dragon Blood" Leonora demonstrates more instinctive and berserker-like tendencies, specifically, in this state, she became very aggressive in her advances towards Kamito, whereas before she was completely knocked out from the idea of him touching her she now becomes fully willing to pin him against a wall. In battle, this aggressive behavior encourages her to outright try to kill her opponents, and she relishes a chance to face a worthy opponent, such as Rubia Elstein or Kamito himself and especially the "Demon Slayer" Terminus Est. However, while in this state, she is prone to feeling instinctive bouts of fear if her opponent is truly beyond her power, but this does little but excite her even more. After her defeat at Kamito's hands, Leonora's Dragon Blood was calmed, most likely because it had become satisfied. After this incident, she appears to have developed truly romantic feelings towards Kamito.


Her power was first revealed to the public when she was fourteen.She awakened in a trail rally for the Knights of the Dragon emperor and in a matter of minutes eliminated all the remaining competitors who have been hoping to join the ranks of knights.


She approaches Kamito as he was staring over the ship's railing. She mentions the (faulty) intel the spies of Dacunia gathered about him which annoyed him, she then introduced herself. When Kamito asked what business she had for meeting him, guessing that it was to kill him before the Blade Dance. Leonora refuted it, saying that they will defeat him fair and square in the Blade Dance. When asked again she flusterdly said that it was to "cut off that" and drew her sword. Kamito, now worried, asked her to clarify what that she want's to cut off. This made her even more flustered and swung her sword down missing Kamito by a paper-thin margin. Kamito still did not know what Leonora was talking about until noticing her staring at his lower regions which she confirms, justifying her actions that it is to prevent him laying his hands on her subordinates. He denies it but she doesn't believe him and called him a "perverted brute of a maou". She then witness him trying to clear the misunderstanding but she does not listen to him and then attacks him. She was later stopped by Claire's Flame Tongue and identifies Claire as Kamito's 'toy slave spirit' causing some dissent. As both Leonora and Claire stared down Kamito, the ship was attacked.

She was able to identify the attacking spirit as Dracunia's main military spirit, Death Gaze, that was supposed be sealed at the end of the Runbal War. When it attacked again, she was saved with Claire by Kamito but she fainted after he had grabbed her breast. She later wakes and summoned her spirit Nidhogg in it's purified form and defeated Death Gaze after Kamito was unable to finish it off. She comments to Kamito that his finish was weak. She was then thanked by Kamito but she said that it was Dracunia's responsibility since it originally was theirs. The three discussed what happened and identified a small ship which the military spirit came from but couldn't go after them due to not having a flying wind spirit and there might be more military spirits on board. When the rest of Team Scarlet came on deck Leonora returned her spirit into a sword and takes her leave but not before stating aloud that she will not allow what she thinks Kamito's wish is causing the team to question him for an hour.

Abilities Edit

Leonora is largely considered one of the favorites to win the Blade Dance, and she is an exceptionally powerful combatant in that same right, enough to pit her strength against Kamito himself multiple times.

Combat Edit

  • Swordsmanship: Leonora is a very powerful swordswoman, physically, due to her dragon-type spirit, her physical strength allows her to wield her absurdly large sword one handed, and throw it one handed as well, she is as fast as she is strong and is shown to be skilled enough to compete with Kamito at various times. Under the influence of her Dragon Blood, she becomes much of a berserker in her style of fighting, which makes her dangerously unpredictable, also, her sheer strength and speed are amplified even more so, to the point where she demolished all the other knight candidates who were in her class selection years prior to the main story.

Dragon Blood Edit

Leonora's Dragon Blood makes her a very dangerous combatant, during the four times prior to the Blade Dance that she's entered this state, her own subordinates have effectively learned it's best not to question her when she's in this excited state. In this condition, Leonora fights much like a berserker, and is also a more aggressive and instinctive person even outside of combat, as shown by her suddenly very aggressive advance towards Kamito. It's unknown what causes her to enter this state, whether it just happens every so often or if something excites her into this state is also unknown.


  • According to her, dragon spirits do not let their contracted maidens wear underwear.
  • She is the first girl to date Kamito.
  • She is the first girl besides Fianna to figure out she is in love with Kamito.

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