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Lily Flame
Lily Flame
Character Profile
Name (Kanji) リリィ・フレイム
Name (Romaji) Lily Flame
Personal Information
Epithet Venom
Age 15
Gender Female
Race Elfim
Contracted spirit(s) Titania
First Appearance
Novel Volume 04

Lily Flame is a member of «Team Inferno» and is one of the assassins who was trained at the «Instructional school».


As part of the sub human-Elfim race, she has red eyes, jade-green hair, and pointy ears.

Personality Edit


As part of the Instructional School, she was ranked seventh strongest and was in a team with Muir and Kamito, in which she was in charge of information gathering.

During the destruction of the Instructional School, she was saved by, decided to follow, and swore loyalty to Rubia Elstein.

Two years after the destruction of the school, she was contacted by Muir and introduced her to Cardinal, later forming Team Inferno.


She just appears as an informant for Rubia and as voice of reason for Muir until the Cross Fire, when she attacks Ellis and overwhelms her until Kamito arrives and forces her to retreat.

The next day, she fights Leonora Lancaster to give time to Rubia to finish her ritual, but is easily defeated.

Sprit war arc Edit

Abilities Edit

Having trained at the «Instructional School», Lily presumably has several of the same skills employed by other survivors of the school. She is, in fact, skilled enough combatant to easily defeat Ellis, but notes that she's no match for the likes of Kamito and Muir, well displayed by her sheer fear of the latter.

Trivia Edit

  • Back when she was in the same assassin team with Muir and Kamito she was in charge of gather information.