Claire sprite Spoiler Alert: This wikia contains details about future plotlines described in the light novels. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.

Linnea Ray Ordesia
Character Profile
Personal Information
Gender Female
Race Human
  • Ugust Ray Ordesia (Father)
  • Arneus Ray Ordesia (Older Brother)
  • Fianna Ray Ordesia (Younger Sister)
First Appearance
Novel Volume 13 (Mentioned)

Linnea Ray Ordesia is the older sister to Fianna Ray Ordesia; and the first princess of the Ordesia royal family.


As the first princess born into the Ordesia royal family, she was trained at the Divine Ritual Institute. However, due to her brother's lack of popularity as successor to the throne, some began to consider the idea of bringing her back from the institute and having her take his place. After the victory of Team Scarlet at the Blade Dance, most of the focus shifted to having Fianna replace him instead.

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