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Luminaris Saint Leisched

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Luminaris Saint Leisched

Luminaris Saint Leisched

Personal Information
Name (Kanji) ルミナリス・セイント・レイシェード
Name (Romaji) Luminaris Saint Leisched
Age 19
Gender Female
Race Human
First Appearance
Novel Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Light Novel Volume 09

Luminaris Saint Leisched is the Holy Kingdom of Lugia's ace and the leader of the Sacred Spirit Knights team. Her spirit's name was not mentioned, however she wields a sword elemental waffe, «Murgleis».


Luminaris is highly competitive, but she tries to hide this fact with the excuse of doing her duty. She appears to have a strong sense of duty, yet is compassionate enough to offer mercy to those who get in her way if they stand down.


She participated in the Blade Dance 3 years ago. She proved a bad matchup against Restia as she used a holy spirit. She gave Kamito a hard fight.


During the last round of the Blade Dance, she ordered her teammates to pursue Restia using holy attribute weapons.

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