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September 15, 2014


Areisha Academy Arc

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Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Kazehaya Kamito
  2. Ellis Fahrengart
  3. Ren Ashbell (image)
  4. Velsaria Eva Fahrengart
  5. Reishia (flashback)
  6. Rakka (flashback)
  7. Claire Rouge
  8. Fianna Ray Ordesia
  9. Est
  10. Restia
  11. Adamantine Elementalist
  12. Magic Mirror Elementalist
  13. Vivian Melosa

Battles or EventsEdit

Abilities and Spirits UsedEdit

Abilities UsedEdit

Weapons UsedEdit

Spirits UsedEdit

Anime and Light Novel DifferencesEdit

  • Velsaria walking in on Ellis while the latter was in bed was omitted.
  • Kamito walking in on the Sylphid Knights while they were changing was omitted.
  • The badge Kamito receives was omitted.
  • The dissatisfied faces some of the Sylphid Knights made Kamito saw during Ellis' speech was changed to some of them talking about other things instead.
  • Velsaria is wearing armor instead of the Areishia Spirit Academy uniform beneath her overcoat.
  • Restia makes a cameo during the Sylphid Knights' patrol of the Academy Town during the Valentia Holy Festival when she doesn't appear in the volume.


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