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September 29, 2014


Areisha Academy Arc

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Velsaria is confronted by Team Scarlet and after a tiring battle, Team Scarlet manages to break Velsaria's armor. But Velsaria's curse is activated, which causes Team Scarlet to be captured in dark tentacles. Then Kamito asks Est to take him to the battle. Est warns him that he won't be able to hold up very long due to his injury. Kamito arrives in the battle and saves Ellis, and then saves the others. He begins to fight Velsaria, and pauses at moments to wince from pain. Team Scarlet is admiring his moves, commenting that they wouldn't even know he was injured. They all start to notice that he uses the same exact moves as Ren Ashbell. The team then starts to help, which gives Kamito an opening. He then uses the same finisher he used 3 years ago. Velsaria, coming to he senses recognizes his face and puts two and two together. With the battle won, Team scarlet is having an after party and eating all the chocolate cake from the festival. We see some flashbacks from after the fight, where Velsaria is apologizing to her sister, and telling Kamito to take care of her. We see another one where Team Scarlet is watching Velsaria being taken away, while they discuss how Kamito removed the curse and hat she will recover. Meanwhile, Greyworth locates Vivian and "takes care of" her. She then has a small conversation with Restia.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Battles or EventsEdit

Velsaria's Group vs Team Scarlet (Victor)

Vivian Melosa vs Greyworth Ciel Mais (Victor)

Abilities and Spirits UsedEdit

Abilities UsedEdit

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Spirits UsedEdit

Anime and Light Novel DifferencesEdit


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