Spirit Information
Name (Romaji) Shadewolf
Race Spirit
Contractor Ayla Cedar
First Appearance
Novel Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Light Novel Volume 09

Shadewolf is the legion spirit contracted to Ayla Cedar. This spirit is specialized in hiding its presence and tracking. Nothing is known of its elemental waffe form.


His form and elemental form is unknown. However, this shadow spirit has packs of wolves that can be multiplied under its command.


Crossfire ArcEdit

Claire and Restia, who is in elemental waffe form, were tracked by Shadewolf. Upon declining the offer to give up the darkness spirit, Shadewolf attacked the duo.

"Go forth and capture, «Shadewolf»!"

—Volume 9 Chapter 6

Claire repelled its attack and as she wanted to deal the final blow, she triggered the shadow trap, «Isolation Barrier».

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